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Air Fryer Way

February 11, 2017
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February 10, 2017
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February 12, 2017

The Home Chef’s Guide to Cooking the Air Fryer Way. 50 Incredibly Fast and Easy Recipes That Will Put Healthier Choices on Your Kitchen Table

A t first glance, one might look at an Air Fryer and conclude that there is not much difference between them and any number of new kitchen gadgets on the market today. They main purpose of any new device is to simplify one’s life in the kitchen, however with an Air Fryer, cooking takes on an entirely new experience. Rather than preparing your food in a hot bath of oil, adding on loads of calories and fat to an otherwise delicious meal, one can simply add a thin coat of oil and blast it with hot air instead. If you are a lover of traditionally fried foods, you’re going to find that the new Air Fryer may be the one thing that could possibly break up your love affair with your deep fryer.

What is an Air Fryer?

In the last century alone, we’ve seen cooking transition from a chore to a recognizable art form. In the past, the kitchen was basically a place where work was done completely separate from the rest of the home. Women spent hours upon hours preparing meals and as soon as one meal was done she usually had to turn around and immediately begin on the next one with a little cleaning and washing in between. But with each new technological development, time spent in the kitchen became easier and much more enjoyable. In the last decade alone we’ve seen new super fast ovens, vacuum sealers to help preserve food longer, faster blenders, mixers, and chopping devices all introduced so that the cook can get the same work done as her grandmother once did but with less effort, time and money.

Many of these inventions were designed to be more than just efficient. Finding ways to prepare healthier meals was also a driving force behind many of these new inventions. With these modern additions one could have fast food without ever having to leave their home and now with a whole new range of convection ovens, portable grills, and handy dandy gadgets food that is good for you can be easily prepared..

One of the newest of these inventions and the one that seems to be taking the cooking industry by storm is the new Air Fryer. If you’ve heard much of the hype, you’re probably wondering just what is an air fryer and why are so many excited about this new and innovative kitchen gadget.

An Air Fryer is one of the newest ways to promote healthy cooking. At first glance they may look very similar to a deep fryer but they offer a healthier alternative to getting that deep fried flavor without adding all of the fatty oils that end up clogging our arteries. If you haven’t heard the term Air Fryer then you’ve probably heard it referred to by a manufacturer’s name like NuWave, or ActiFry.

You’ll learn tips and tricks on how to improve your own recipes and with lots of visual aids you’ll have everything you need to launch a whole new approach to cooking at home, the easy and healthy way.

No matter what you do, take advantage of your new Air Fryer and get the most you can out of it. It may be the very thing that will bring nutrition and healthy food back into kitchens everywhere.

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