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30-Day Whole Food Challenge

February 12, 2017
Air Fryer Way
Air Fryer Way
February 11, 2017
Stop Drinking
Stop Drinking
February 13, 2017

Lose weight the healthy way in 30 days without feeling hungry and cranky. Imagine a food eating lifestyle that makes you eat more, yet makes you lose all those unwanted pounds away without even trying!

W hat if a new eating lifestyle could do that without compromising your health, in fact boost it further! I should know because I went from obese to svelte by changing my eating habit from processed foods to whole foods. How I did it and how you will be able to do it as well is all here in this 30 day whole foods challenge book.

Book excerpt:

“Whole foods let you know you’ve eaten enough. Take orange for example. Converting 4-8 oranges to orange juice will only fill about 1-2 cups. Drinking these cups of orange juice would not make you full. However, it would be a harder task for you to eat, on a single meal, 4-8 oranges. Doing it the hard way and eating only whole foods in every meal is the key to eating too much. Feeling full stops you from overeating resulting in weight loss as calories are lessened.”

Why 30 days? This book will show you:

  • What nutritional experts and gurus think of sticking to a 30-day eating lifestyle change
  • How to start and stick with the whole foods challenge
  • How to choose the whole food groups that will work for you
  • How to start as a newbie in food preparation and cooking, eventually ending up an expert
  • How to combine your old favorites with whole foods without feeling guilty
  • How to begin losing weight and keeping it off forever without driven by hunger
  • Let you know the difference between organic foods from whole foods
  • Are dairy products included in the whole foods group? This book answers the controversy surrounding whole foods and dairy products.

Buy this book now to meet the 30 day whole foods challenge for beginners to lose weight and keep it off healthily.

Grab your copy while it’s still available, by clicking on the Buy Now button. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget to leave a review.
- R.M.George

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